What Our CPA Firm Doesn’t Do

Our CPA firm doesn’t offer the following services:

  1. Preparation of a tax return if the receipts and signed documentation aren’t included for providing backup support for income and expense amounts. This includes auto mileage logs. A handwritten listing of income and expense amounts without documentation is insufficient.
  2. Compilation of tax information when unorganized annual receipts and paperwork are brought in to us in a shoebox, large envelope, or bag. Your bookkeeper can help you to compile your receipts.
  3. Compliance with any request that would compromise our professional ethical standards of honesty, integrity, or due diligence that are required by the CPA profession.
  4. Audit of annual company financial statements for a third party such as a bank or government agency.
  5. Utilization of “creative accounting” that uses unethical methods to understate income or overstate expenses in an effort to reduce tax liability.
  6. Sales of any investment or insurance products, receipt of any financial commissions, or recommendations for investment purchases.
  7. Signing off on a tax return that includes false or missing information, including incomplete, undocumented, or made-up numbers.
  8. Preparation of tax returns involving foreign or international tax issues.

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