Tax Services

Hiring a CPA tax professional will keep both you and your business compliant with current tax filing requirements and communicating with the IRS. We make it a priority to stay current in our knowledge of the tax law and IRS regulations by attending continuing education events throughout the year. Our 25+ years of experience includes the preparation and e-filing of current, amended, and delinquent tax returns for businesses and individuals including:

  • S Corporation tax returns (Form 1120S)
  • C Corporation tax returns (Form 1120)
  • LLC and Partnership tax returns (Form 1065)
  • Nonprofit organization tax returns (Form 990 and 990-EZ)
  • Florida state sales tax returns (Form DR-15)
  • 1099 forms (Form 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC)
  • Payroll and unemployment tax returns (Form 941, 940, W-2/W-3)
  • Trust and estate tax returns (Form 1041)
  • Self-employment tax returns (Form 1040)
  • Individual income tax returns (Form 1040)

If just thinking about your tax return, tax paperwork, and tax filing due date gives you a headache, we can help relieve your tax anxiety. Also, we provide year-round tax planning strategies to help minimize your tax liability. Let a CPA with over 25+ years of experience help you!

For more information about our tax services, call our office today at (727) 391-7373