Tax Planning and Consulting

Many taxpayers pay too much tax because they either don’t know how to reduce their taxes or aren’t told how to do so by their tax preparers. Our firm specializes in recommending tax reduction strategies that take advantage of current tax-savings opportunities. These legal tax strategies will help minimize the tax liability, avoid potential surprises at tax time, and help our clients to reach their financial goals.

For small business owners, tax planning strategies may include choosing the best form of business entity, deferring income and expenses from one year to another year, reviewing overlooked expense deductions, taking advantage of pretax deductions, and more.

Because minimizing personal tax liability requires year-round planning, we also work with our clients to plan for events that will change their personal tax situation. Examples of these personal events include a change in marital status, the inability to claim a dependent, an increase in wage or business income, a distribution from a retirement plan, an inheritance, a sale of property, and the sale of securities that have been owned for a long time.

Successfully navigating the tax law requires more than annual tax return preparation. By meeting with our clients regularly throughout the year, we are better able to understand the needs of our clients and offer proactive tax reduction strategies to meet their financial goals.

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