Tax Problems

Need help with an IRS problem?

Small business owners and self-employed taxpayers often run into tax issues which can lead to serious tax problems with the IRS and state taxing authorities.  These problems can include:

  • Failure to file annual tax returns
  • Failure to make quarterly estimated tax payments
  • Failure to deposit payroll tax liabilities
  • Failure to report all income
  • Failure to respond to IRS and state tax notices

Ignoring tax problems will not make them go away. Our CPA firm provides assistance to help taxpayers get back on track with the IRS in order to avoid any penalties, collection, and audit problems that may occur if these tax issues aren’t dealt with.

Are you behind on filing a return? Have you recently received a notice from the IRS?  If so, don’t put off getting tax help.  Call our office today at (727) 391-7373